Zambian Presidential Dinner At The High Commissioners Residence

Avada Kadava.

Okay that’s a tad bit harsh, but believe me, I have a lot of reasons to be angry with this guy, as does the rest of Zambia.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Zambian High Commissioner’s residence to attend a dinner with the president of my country Michael Sata, who, in short, I was completely unimpressed by. This is the second time I have had the honour of dining at the High Commission. The first was a lunch & dinner day with the previous High-commissioner, who worked under the previous office in power. Needless to say, it was far more enjoyable. The president seemed unable to give well thought out answers to any of the questions directed at him, and came across as someone who should not be running a book club, let alone an entire nation. His hypocrisy towards allowing Zambians to have dual citizenship is laughable. He claims it’s unlawful to allow us to be both a British and Zambian citizens, yet he allows outside nations to suck away at Zambia’s natural resources, while the local people do not benefit from the profits.

I may eventually do an entire separate post on this because I was just simply horrified by the whole Q&A, largely because from the way the President and his officials spoke, this is not a government that will bring about any change. I live in the UK so I’m not sure what prompted Zambians back home to vote this guy in, but I can see it was a mistake, a very big mistake.
Love you Auroras xoxo

J’ai eu la chance d’être invité à la résidence zambien commissaires haute pour assister à un dîner avec le président de mon pays, Michael Sata. C’est la deuxième fois que j’ai eu l’honneur de dîner au haut-commissariat, c’était une super soirée avec des reines dîner, danser et de beauté.Gardez vos talons sur le belvédère xoxo
Ho avuto la fortuna di essere invitato alla residenza dello Zambia Alto Commissari per partecipare a una cena con il presidente del mio paese Michael Sata. Questa è la seconda volta che ho avuto l’onore di cenare al Commissariato, è stata una grande serata con le regine cena, ballo e bellezza.Tenere i talloni sul xoxo ricerca

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