London Fashion Week : Part 1

After years of admiring the guests that get to attend fashion week, I finally had a chance to join in with the fun myself.

Admittedly, it was a much different experience than I expected. Fun of course, but alot of hustling about.

Here’s what I learned from fashion week on my first time round.

1) Unless you’re a VIP or seated in priority, you’re going to be waiting around, and probably in the cold for a long time.

2) Just because you have an invite, doesn’t mean you’re getting in. One show I was invited to had to turn half the guests away because it was over capacity.

The problem?

The stupid designer invited so many of his/her freinds, there was almost no room for press, buyers, bloggers ect, you know the people who are actually going to help SELL YOUR CLOTHES!

Oh well, guess we know who won’t be making too many sales this season. #FashionBitch

3. If you really love fashion, it’s not necessary to attend the shows, it’s all PR anyway. But hey, if you get the chance to run shoulders with top fashionistas go for it.













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