London Fashion Week A/W 2014: Day 2


Ashley Isham

Ashley Isham

Liz Black

Liz Black

Belle Sauvange

Belle Sauvange

Roof of the Freemason Hall

Roof of the Freemason Hall

Day 2 of Fashion Week was without doubt the most hectic. The Belle Sauvange show proved to be the most popular of the day, with the crowd literally attempting to push their way through the doors. Many feared they wouldn’t get in and began shoving.

Fashion is dangerous peeps. Fortunately, I did get in, managed to stay alive and got a seat.

I also got to witness the magnificent intricacy and embroidery offered by designers Ashley Isham and Hema Kaul, both of whom are now on my designer wish-lists.

It wasn’t all runways and flashing lights though. Liz Black offered an escape from the thumping music and clicking heels by showcasing her designs in a wonderful presentation, which featured her signature artistic twist of simple, but creative clothing.

Fashion Week Part 3 to follow.


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