Bloggers Fashion Week: Part 3

soma london

SOMA London


Nadia Minkoff

Nadia Minkoff

Nadia Minkoff

Umberto Giannini

Umberto Giannini



One of my favorite moments of Bloggers Fashion Week was discovering the brand SOMA London. How on earth did I not know about them before? Their clothes are so pretty and feminine and remind me of the gyaru style often worn by fashionable young girls in Japan.

Nadia Minkoff also showcased some of her gorgeous purse designs which featured stunning embroidery and crystals. Hair and skin-care also took center stage with Umberto Giannini unveiling their newest range and Bravura  showcasing their innovative products made for all skin types.


Soma London: http://www.somalondon.com/

Bravura: http://www.bravuralondon.com/

Umberto Giannini : http://umbertogiannini.com/

Nadia Minkoff : http://www.nadiaminkoff.com/


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