Bloggers Fashion Week: Part 5

girl meets dress opulence englandhi brow treatmentbloggers loveCasey Batchelor


Rounding off my first Bloggers Love Fashion Week, I got to try on a fabulous dress courtesy of Girl Meets Dress by Opulence England. It was very heavy due to the sequins but felt very comfortable. I also discovered I’ve come down to a size 8 (does a happy dance). I also got to sample a treatment from Hi-Brow. The clever beauty enhancer adds synthetic hair follicles to your eyebrows and helps fill in gaps and areas that lack hair. It’s a great treatment if you’ve over plucked your brows and want to give them more thickness, although it does only last a few days. I also got a re-tweet from Casey Batchelor, my first celebrity re-tweet. Not an A-Lister, but hey, you have to start somewhere right? On a real note, she was actually very nice and spoke to everyone at the event.

Overall I’d say the first ever Bloggers Love Fashion Week as a success and I’ll certainly be doing it next year.

Girl Meets Dress: http://www.girlmeetsdress.com/

Hi-brow : http://www.hibrowprofessional.co.uk/


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