A Twinkle & A Trinket

mirrormirrorDSC00307flower ringgold ringheart ring

Do you ever stop by those little market stools with cute sparkling trinkets? The items usually break apart in no time and the paint wears off within weeks, but they’re so adorable and cheap, so you buy them anyway, right?

Here’s a few little treats I grabbed on Saturday after my trip to the opticians. As predicted, my eye-sight is getting worse. I’m going to explore laser eye surgery or whatever super-sonic treatments they have going nowadays.

In other news, thanks once again to everyone who has purchased Xoxo Lisa. I don’t know how or why this is happening, but I’m truly grateful. I’ve had a lot of media outlets sending me e-mails in the last 24 hours, I’m just mind boggled. I am though, treading carefully. I’m also still up to my ears in tasks trying to get my fashion line off the ground. My amazing illustrator Lucia Fioretti is doing a fantastic job with the art-work. I’ll do a more detail post about this soon, but it may be that we launch in September and not in August as originally planned.

Have a great day my loves.

Aura x


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