Updates On My Fashion Line

cropped-beauty-blog-banner.jpgSo if you’ve been reading my blog or following me on  social media, you’ll know that I’m working on a capsule collection of luxury silk scarves. Here’s a bit of info about the collection and what you can expect.

1)The illustrations featured on the scarves are being designed by  London based, Italian born artist Lucia Fioretti.

I met Lucia during an event a university. The event itself did not go well, it was cold, raining and hardly anyone showed up, but we sat next to each-other the whole time and laughed about it all. I was totally taken away by her amazing artistic talent and I knew I had to collaborate with her when I started this venture. She’s also responsible for the beautiful AB logo.

Her art-work has been showcased at exhibitions in London, Italy and Los Angeles.

2) We launch in late September.

I had originally planned to launch in August, but wasn’t aware of an annual closure/holiday period at my manufacturers factory. So, unfortunately, we have to push the launch date further. A final date will be given in due time. You can view the landing page for our on-line store HERE.

3) The scarves will be  manufactured in the UK.

I was worried that this may not be possible, but I eventually found a great manufacturer to make the scarves right here at home. All the packaging will also be sourced from within the UK. As for shipping, we will ship world-wide via Royal Mail.

4) The price point will be high.

Due to the nature of the designs, the complexity of the artwork, materials used and the manufacturing and dying process , the scarves will be set at a premium price. Anywhere from £250-275. You can also expect your scarf to arrive in a logo embossed luxury gift box, placed in a gorgeous cotton bag.

5) You can win yourself a free scarf!

Check out my pinned tweet on my Twitter feed. Make sure to follow my account, re-tweet and favourite the pinned tweet to be in with the chance of winning a free scarf when we launch.


That’s all for now folks.


Aura x





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