Auras Falling Skies Episode Notes: S4 Ep1

falling skies 4x01 lexi

Can somebody please explain to me, why in an internet age, TV shows in the US are still aired 4-5 episodes ahead of us in the UK & other countries. Explain,  EXPLAIN! Falling Skies season 4 aired in the US over a month ago, episode 6 airs on Sunday. I’m well aware of one Youtuber who has uploaded all the episodes that have aired so far. I’m being a good bitch, (for once) and avoiding watching it through piracy. God, Jesus, Buddha,Vishnu, Xenu, all of you – give me strength. Comic-Con starts tomorrow and the Falling Skies cast have a panel. So basically , non-US fans have two options;  1) Avoid watching so you don’t hear what’s to come, or 2) Miss out on gazing at Drew Roy  and Connor Jessup for 2 hours. Fuck it, I’m watching the panel.

Until then, here are my notes on episode 1.

1) Lexi is getting sexy and has decided to go blond. She can also do all types of cool ish with the moon. Okay, she didn’t dye her hair, but whatever the Ephsemi did to her while she was in her mothers stomach is having some weird effect on her looks and aging rate.

I love where the writers are taking her part of the story and can’t wait to see where this goes.

2) Lordes has decided to throw away her medical degree and has turned into a hippy, or rather, gone back to her religious roots, but in a more creepy spiritual way. Can you blame her though? Girlfriend had worms munching at her brain last season and then Lexi crushed them with her bare hands, HER BARE HANDS!!! She’s a goddess, Lexi is a damn goddess. Remember last season when Hal had to go through torture to get that termite that was planted in him out? Yeah, I’d bow my ass down to Lexi too.

3) Ben and Maggie are totally giving each other ‘I want to have sex with you faces’. I’ve seen the extended trailers, I’m aware they hook up. I’m not sure how I feel about this story line, but I’m excited to see it unfold.

4) Matt is every bit his father’s child and is holding himself down in that weird brain-washing camp he’s ended up in. I wish the writers had gone into more detail as to how that camp started, and where did they get those cool uniforms? I want one, a sexy, shorter, slutier version though.

5) Cochise is the fucking MAN! Like seriously, I like him…or ‘it’ rather, more and more each episode. I’d totally want to take him to the club. I reckon he could handle his whisky well.

So those are my notes for this week. The show has been renewed for a 5th and final season. They’re being poo and only giving us 10 episodes, in comparison to the 12 they’re giving us for season 4. I’ll be sad to see the show go. It’s the only show I watch religiously, even Fashion Police doesn’t get this much love. Remember when the show started and I swore I wouldn’t watch it? I didn’t like Spielbergs last alien effort Super 8. Well, that changed, it’s gotten better each season. Like seriously, you can’t even compare season 1 and season 4.

Check back for my break-down of Episode 2.

May the skies fall forever.



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