Wonder Woman Went Through Xenas Wardrobe



They had to know, they had to know the Xena comparisons would come, didn’t they? Half of Twitter is saying it. I’m just completely baffled. They did such a fantastic job at updating Superman’s costume, but seem to have fallen flat on their butts with Wonder Woman, it’s like they didn’t even try, choosing to go through Xenas trash instead.

Have a look at this fan made version of Wonder Woman’s costume. It’s ten times better, non? I would have also liked to see her in tights.


So who should we blame, Warner Brothers? God no, we don’t dare blame the masters.

Maybe the costume designer then? He did the bulk of the creative work. Or should we point the finger Zac Snyder? He doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to representing women well in his films. Just look as Suckerpunch. All the girls looked porny.

If I may side-track slightly, there’s also his controversial choice to cast Ben Affleck as Batman. To be honest, I’m not as bothered by this as some fan-boys are. Think about it, we never see Batman’s face, all he does is act like a moody girl with period pains. No major effort required. It’s rumoured Christopher Nolan had tipped Wes Bentley for this role. Did Synder defy Nolan? That’s like going against the word of Jesus. Remember what a kick-ass job Bentley did as Seneca Crane in The Hunger Games? If it’s true, it would have been a better choice.

Back to Wonder Woman. So what about Gal Gadot, well, she looks nothing like Wonder Woman in terms of face and body type. Wonder is meant to be a fully built Amazonian Princess, but god forbid we should put a woman on the screen that looks like anything other than a thin VS model. Though this is exactly what I was expecting for Synder, which is why I think they’ve made a big boo boo by giving him control over this project. I’m also concerned that Gadot won’t give her character a great enough sense of depth either, the only ‘work’ that I’ve seen from her is a jeans advert where she’s shaking her ass. Is that what Snyder picked up on? Okay, I’m being a bitch, but come on, are they serious with this??

I think Warner should consider getting someone else to direct the Wonder Woman movie when we finally reach that stage. Someone who will treat Wonder with the same respect as her male counter parts and not like a piece of eye-candy, which has almost always been the case. We’re all sitting here complaining about the new costume, the old one was equally ridiculous. How the hell is a woman meant to save the world with her fanny flapping in the wind?

Though, to be fair, previous actresses who have portrayed her, gave Wonder a sense of strength that helped over-ruled the fact that her character was merely a fantasy piece in hot pants for the male audience and I think it’s a shame she is not being given the right amount of justice. Booty shorts aside, she is the most identifiable symbol of heroinism in pop-culture, so why aren’t DC & Warner using this to their full advantage? It doesn’t matter who Marvel has, they have Wonder Woman, that is power and they’re letting Marvel & Co walk all over them.

Marvel on the other hand, are doing a kick-ass job representing women, (and ethnic minorities) both on screen and in their comic books. Diversity is winning and was always going to win, even if some if some in Hollywood, don’t seem to get that.

So, for now anyway – Marvel 1 – DC 0.

Here’s a teaser clip that was revealed at Comic-Con, it shows Batman and Superman giving each other angry bitch faces.



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