The Hunger Games Mockingjay Will Be Awesome


So basically, The Hunger Games Mockingjay is going to kick post-apocalyptic butt, but we already knew this, didn’t we? I don’t need to say much, the trailer speaks for itself, so grab some pop-corn and enjoy 1:04 minutes of amazingness. The marketing department at Lionsgate deserves a pay rise, every teaser trailer has hit the mark.

This is yet another victory for women on-screen.

I remember one major Hollywood executive (who was recently ousted from his position) actually proclaim he wouldn’t make anymore female led movies. The same executive recently got big funding ( largely from China) to make movies under his own studio. So, is he going to change his tone? He may want to, because with women being given the choice to see themselves portrayed on screen more positively, I don’t think they’ll continue paying to see themselves treated like shit any longer.

The Hunger Games
The Fault In Our Stars

Are you seeing the pattern here?

All female led movies, all had large female audiences. So you see, women of the movie going world, we do have a lot of power. We vote with our money and with our time. So you decide, where are you going to focus yours? I hope it’s not with Micheal Bay and those stupid robots and turtles.

As for you, dear Hollywood, women can open big blockbusters, woman can pull in the cash and people will go and see the movies. Now that we’ve cleared that up, could we stop with the bullshit misogyny and start making more positive, female led movies. Feel free to add a bit more racial diversity, audiences like that too.



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