Falling Skies Update: I Failed

Okay, I admit it. I folded, I sinned, ate the apple. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Peter, whatever, all of you, forgive me!! I watched Falling Skies ahead of the UK airing schedule. Do you know how irritating it is that the US gets everything before us over here? Let this be a lesson to the TV execs. We won’t go into how I managed to see the new episodes, but I did and oh boy, shit is getting REAL YA’LLLL.

Shit is getting real.

I’ll do a series round-up when it’s done because I don’t see a point of weekly updates when US bloggers & reviewers are 4-5 episodes ahead. 

In other news, I went to Lego Land for a small getaway, pictures and blog posts coming soon covering all of that. 

Later guys and dolls.

Aura x


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