How To Be Glamours On A Budget

“I advocate glamour. Every day. Every minute” – Dita Von Teese

In a world where others  pass judgement within mere seconds of meeting us, it’s no wonder we all want to look our very best, and most glamours when we step out of the door (especially those of us that work in showbiz), but how do you get that super-star look without spending super-star money? Celebrities always seem to look red-carpet ready – it’s their job, but the reality is that they have a whole team of people working on them, no one wakes up that flawless…even Beyonce (did you see what I did there). The A-List look is totally within your reach and you don’t need to hire a J-Lo sized entourage to achieve it. Here are my top-tips for being glamours on a budget.


1) Shop At Sales And Charity Stores

9/10 of the time, the outfit you so deeply admired, but had to resist buying when it was on the shelves for full price, will probably be available for half the cost during the sales. Stores use  psychology to make you buy things while they’re ‘fresh’ and ‘cool’, meanwhile they’re pretty much scamming you out of your hard earned cash. For designer duds, look out for sample sales if your buying budget is a little higher. That said, even the most elite designers hold sales, they just don’t publicize it as loudly as your average high-street store!

The best bargains can be picked up during the Spring/Easter period, Boxing-Day and New Years. Try and arrive early and on the first day of the sales to avoid disappointment.

Charity shops are also a great place to pick up bargains and the most undervalued places to shop in my opinion. No one will know your gorgeous Topshop jumper was purchased at Oxfam and with a few accessories, a cute bag and a pair of heels, it will look just as in season as what’s currently on the shop floor. More so, your money will go towards a good cause, so you can be both fashionable and give to others *smile*.

2)DIY Beauty 

Make Youtube  your new beauty best friend.

How to dye your hair, how to prim your nails, how to thread your brows….Youtube is filled with endless tutorials to help you achieve a salon-level look without the price tag. People have their own ways of doing things, so I’d advise watching different videos of the same tutorial to get a better idea of how to attempt something. Also, don’t give up after the first try.  Time, patience and practice makes for a perfect, photo-ready look.

3)Invest In Classic Pieces

The little black dress.

The nude pump.

An emerald green trench.

A pair of pearls.

Are you getting it?

Spend less on seasonal items that will be hot for the moment and not in the next, and  invest a little more in classic pieces  that never go out of fashion, you will save money in the long-run. These wardrobe life-savers can be easily dressed up or worn as a focal piece, without you ever having to worry about whether you’re in-season or not. They are the epitome of class – and that’s something that never goes out of fashion.

4)Beautician training days.

Beauty colleges and  salons are bursting with young trainees who need to practice their craft. Look out for training days when you can often get treatments for free, or, at the very least, a very good discount.

5)Discount Sites

Wowcher, Groupcon and I’m sure there are others. These discount sites offer fantastic treatments by companies willing to give a little away for less, in order to get some promotion.

6)Borrow Your Designer Duds

Why buy a designer dress, coat, bag ect, when yo can rent-a-vuitton.com instead.  No matter how stunning an outfit is, a true diva would never show up to an event in the same dress twice. If anything, divas at the top of their game change multiple times in one night! When have you ever seen Lady Gaga show up and leave an awards show in the same outfit?  Not that I suggest you go that far,but renting a gown for a fraction of the price is a much smarter choice if you ask me. Nowadays, you can even rent smaller items like handbags, jewellery and other accessories.

7)Bid Battles

I admit, I used to avoid Ebay like the plague, but if you’re looking for a good bargain, it’s the place to go and not just for fashion . You can set your maximum bid on any item and get on with whatever you’re doing. I would suggest this so you don’t get tempted to start upping your stakes. Set your price and stick with it.

What other things do you do to keep your glamour budget low my beauties?




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