My First Contour Kit

face contour kit face contour kit face contour kit face contour kit

So I finally got around to purchasing a face contouring kit. I want to practice my contouring skills before I buy something more pricey, so I bought an unbranded kit from Ebay. Just search ‘contouring kit’ and a hundred of the same product as picture above will come up. While I believe base products are one of the things you should spend a little more on for your makeup bag, I don’t want to slpash out on an expensive product when I’ve never tried to contour before and it’s not a skill you perfect the first try.

I swiped a bit on my hand and the the consistency of this particular kit is slightly oily, but it does blend well and is heavily pigmented despite its cheap price. It also came with a soft blending brush which has super fine hairs.

So, have you ever tried to contour? Or are your facial proportions so perfect you don’t have to bother?




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  1. Yeah, I’ve been putting it off because it seems like an extra hassel to contour when simple foundation does a good enough job, but it’s amazing the difference it makes.

    Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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