My Secrets To Self Confidence


how to be confidentMost of us usually spend an entire lifetime seeking for the well-hidden secrets that will reveal how we can be happy; find the meaning of life. However, have you ever wondered that it is all a matter of how we see ourselves in this world?

Being able to love yourself, with all its strengths and foibles, is a major accomplishment. Unlike what many think, self-worth has little to do with the materialistic indicators we tend to put to our lives (what kind of car we possess, how big is our house, what is your position at work, etc.). On the contrary, someone with a healthy self-esteem is someone that moves through the world safe, knowing of who he/she is, and feeling good about it.

How to get there? Here are 3 tips to help you boost your personal confidence and feel great about yourself!

  1. Make sure your Expectations are Realistic

Setting unrealistic expectations will only kill your confidence and self-esteem. They don’t have to be big (“I want to win the lottery and be rich in a decade’s time”); much smaller expectations (“I wish my parents would stop being so overprotective”) can be unrealistic, too. How to check if your expectations are unreal? Answer this: Do they continue to disappoint you? If yes, you will know you need to sail a different way.

Setting realistic expectations can help you increase your confidence, as they reinforce the positive self-esteem. Doesn’t it feel GREAT to have accomplished a (non-idealistic) goal?

  1. Feel proud of what you have Accomplished

Whoever told you perfection is attainable is lying. Perfection is a societal artificial creation, passed on day-in day-out by the media. There is no such thing as a perfect life, a perfect body, a perfect home, or a perfect relationship, so why revel in this perfection-idea, anyway?

Instead, be proud of your accomplishments and give them the proper value. Most of us tend to devalue them (“Nah, that was too easy for me”), which only blocks us from feeling great about us and what we can (and have) achieved.

So, start making a list of accomplishments every once a week, month, or even every day. The key here? To learn from the mistakes. Mistakes don’t make us bad persons. In fact, we can take the fault and learn, grow, and become something bigger and greater. Just don’t fall in for self-pity.

  1. Know Thyself

Dig a bit deeper and explore yourself. It is all about knowing strengths and weaknesses and be open to new thoughts, and opportunities; in other words, try something new. The feeling of worthlessness is common to almost all of us. At least once in our life we have all felt we have nothing to offer others or the world. But, learning what it is we DO have to offer, will shed a glare of light inside us.

Quick Tips:

  1. Do not compare yourself to others. You only punch your self-esteem. You are unique, so why do you have to share the same goals and dreams as someone else to be happy?
  2. Don’t stick to the past. Adjust your self-esteem and confidence in accordance to your CURRENT skills and abilities, not the ones you had in the past.

Boosting your personal confidence may not be as easy as it sounds. It definitely takes time and certainly lots of patience on your behalf. However, if you make an effort and be more realistic with your expectations and more fair with yourself in general, the results will pleasantly surprise you for sure!

Best of Luck my beauties!





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