Beauty Review: Oriflame Nail Polish & IZ Beauty Nail Wraps

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Oriflame were kind enough to send me one of their magnificent nail polishes to test and review.  I first came across this company at the Bloggers Festival this year and I was instantly taken by their extensive range of products and the vibrant colors they come in. The polish was easy to use due to its thick and slightly larger brush, I only needed to apply one coat as the colour was very pigmented. It also didn’t take long to dry and had a smooth glossy finish. The packaging is sleek and stylish and I can imagine these would look fabulous if you have a collection of them in your makeup draw.

After the polish had set, I tried on my IZ Beauty Of London designer nail wraps which I also received at the Bloggers Festival. They are incredibly sticky and I don’t see it peeling off anytime soon, but if you have pointy nails like me, you may find it difficult to file the wrap down. They are however, amazing quality and definitely worth the purchase, they don’t have the flimsy feeling of most cheaply made nail wraps and the company has a great variety of warps to choose from.

Beauty rating 5/5 for both the nail polish and nail transfers.

Oriflame Twitter: @OriflameUK_ROI 

IZBeauty Twitter:  

So my beauties, do you use nail wraps? What is your favorite nail colour right now?




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