Babies First TV Appearance

DSC02528blogger tv set light up mirror luxury chair tv set tv set aura borealis sonia anderson

Look mama, I’m on TV! Okay not yet, but I will be soon. Having written an erotic novel, I was invited by film maker Sonia Anderson to take part in a documentary discussing 50 Shades of Grey and erotic fiction in general. Sonia and the filming team were lovely to work with and I had a fabulous day. This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this and I was super nervous. I tend to speak fast and loose my way with word when nerves get the better of me so I hope I came across well, but overall, I think the interview was a success. I bumped into the always funny Jenny Eclair on the way out, she’ll also be featuring in the documentary along with Katie Hopkins (eye roll) and directors from publishers Mills and Boon and Waterstones.

It should air on Sky Arts around February when 50 Shades hits cinemas. Check back for more details.

Dress by Vera & Lucy, thanks for the gift!




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