Bloggers Fashion Week!

I recently received my VIB Pass for Bloggers Fashion Week SS15. I was chosen to be a VIB last season and I can already tell this seasons event is going to be even bigger. The event is run by the Bloggers Love network and Blogging Gals. They hold […]

Updates On My Fashion Line

So if you’ve been reading my blog or following me on  social media, you’ll know that I’m working on a capsule collection of luxury silk scarves. Here’s a bit of info about the collection and what you can expect. 1)The illustrations featured on the scarves are being designed by […]

A Twinkle & A Trinket

Do you ever stop by those little market stools with cute sparkling trinkets? The items usually break apart in no time and the paint wears off within weeks, but they’re so adorable and cheap, so you buy them anyway, right? Here’s a few little treats I grabbed on […]

What’s In A Name?

The most common question I get asked, often regards my name, so here’s an explanation as to why it is what it is. Firstly, no, Aura Borealis is not my real name. Although it doesn’t take genius to figure that out, people still ask me. When I first […]

Getting Down To Business

Every-time I go to an event, I’m asked numerous times for my business card but I never have any to hand out. I’ve put off getting professional ones made, thinking I could just print some off on card and cut them out. I wouldn’t advise this, it looks […]

Thankyou Everyone!!

I just wanted to say a quick thankyou to everyone that has gone and purchased my book Xoxo Lisa . I’ve noticed a spike since the Daily Mail article about me came out. I’m so grateful and humbled. I love writing, I love sharing my stories so thank you for […]


If you smeeeeeeeeeeeellalalalala what The Rock, is cooking *insert eyebrow move*. Who didn’t watch WWE as a kid? I was addicted, watched it religiously. Nowadays, I just catch it every now and again, Wrestle-mania is never missed of course, but I’m not the super-hard fan I once was. […]

Forest Photoshoot

Hi there readers! I just wanted to share some promo snaps from a shoot I recently did. These pictures will be used on all my social media sites and press clippings. As well as my fashion line which comes out in August, I’m also releasing an erotic novella […]

Yumi Lashes Treatment

I was lucky enough to be invited by Yumi Lashes to get a taste of their innovative new treatment. Their UK representative Nadia was a delight and so was the trainee beautician I had working on me that day. The treatment includes highly soothing Coenzyme Q10 gel pads which are […]

Wolf and Moon Rings

I recently received these beautiful rings from Wolf & Moon. The line was created by British designer Hannah Davis and every piece is made in her London based studio. I love it when designers mix materials and textures, it gives a slight abstract feeling to a piece and […]